National Treasury Budget Data Hackathon

02- 03 March 2018, Johannesburg

National Treasury is working in partnership with IMALI YETHU to develop an online budget data portal. This online budget data portal is part of National Treasury’s continued commitment to transparency and budget participation reforms.

This Hackathon seeks to group diverse skills to generate novel, concrete and feasible ideas that use and build upon the Treasury Budget Data Portal, and to test whether the data supports these co-created ideas.


ICRD Group Foundation
40 Simmonds Street


Fri, 02 March, 17:00
Sat, 03 March, 17:00


Tech Innovators/Developers, Students,
Data Enthesiasts, Economists, Business, Entrepreneurs, etc.

Information About The Budget Data Hackathon

A Hackathon Centered on South African Budget

This will be a technological-solutions oriented Hackathon where Innovators will work with Budget Data to innovate and empower.

APIs and Datasets will be provided to developers to work with during the Hackathon in implementing budget-centered solutions.

Putting Skills to Use

Participants will be expected to build a Most Viable Product (MVP), your team of 4 must have at least 2 developers. It will be development overnight from Friday till Saturday.

Mentors and Judges

Mentors from the industry and National Treasury will be available to guide you throughout the Hackathon. Presentations will be done in front of judges and everyone.


Hackathon Goals

Enriching Data

How may we create an environment which helps people better understand budget data, by enriching the context with supplemental information?

Taking Action

How may we ensure that people are able to take action once they have understood the data?


How may we educate people about how and when they can participate in the budget process?


The Hackathon provides a great opportunity for techies, entrepreneurs and innovators to gain more skills on working with budgets and data skills development.

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